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Top 10 work from home job scam

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Want to do your job from home, want to earn money being your own boss then there are few work to avoid




Title itself explains the type of job, it is just a click and money gets added to our wallet. There are lot of websites giving these type of jobs .Beginner freelancers will easily get attracted towards these type of jobs because it is easy, effortless, no need of specific  skill or intelligence . The only thing we need is time – “Our precious time “but the fact is we will not get payout easily. With a new enthusiasm, we would have started working in this click and earn websites, after few days we will get bored and we will start to find new hack tricks or payout option ,at that time we will notice their terms and conditions like minimum $50, or to upgrade to next membership or referral program or documents submission and so on . All these conditions can’t be completed to get the payouts successfully.

So, it is better to avoid these kinds of jobs. As simple as that “No pain no gain”. If we want to earn few pennies, we need to put at least amount of effort and knowledge that we have got from this life.


Before starting to work, we need to learn all the pros and cons of the job. Doing online job doesn’t mean we can do any type of work. When we go to office for a kind of work, we will learn the work from our colleagues or trainers in a proper way so that it won’t create any negative impact on us or on others. Likewise, we have to do our online earnings.

What does CAPTCHA means – Completely Automated Public Turing to Tell Computers and Human Apart.  It means a system is intended to distinguish human from machine input. CAPTCHAs are tools that are used to differentiate real and automated users like bots. Mostly CAPTCHAs are used for login pages, polling, registration, ticket booking. So when we are assigned to do these kind of CAPTCHA capturing jobs, obviously we are breaking some system protocols which is unsafe and illegal. Moreover, CAPTCHA entry jobs will ask us to pay certain amount to withdraw our earned money which is a scam.




It is a simple task. Get stuff from employer, mail and get paid, but the reality is different. Actually what happens is mail receivers should respond to the ad and send in money. Later we can get our commission which is uncertain?


Another issue is we need to pay registration fee which is non-refundable and hence these envelope stuffing job is also a scam.




It is entering data gathered from various surveys and forms. It includes personal data, account details, bank details into a spreadsheet. Most of the data entry companies charge upfront fees before payout which is a scam.



It involves buying luxury products at a cheaper rate from a whole seller and selling it to customers. Idea is great but finding right customers is a challenge and convincing them to buy product is not easy.


It means  assembling things like exercise machines, bikes, grills, furniture, sports equipment, swing sets, electronics equipment, and anything else you can think of that people buy, but don’t want to build or install themselves. Scam company will ask to buy a start-up kit and certain amount for purchasing materials and when they receive finished products they may say some rejections for not paying or they may vanish in thin air.



Like some other countries, binary trading is illegal in India. Binary trading means type of investing where investors have to predict the result of a yes/no situation by the end of a determined period. How do we say it as a scam means broker doesn’t reveal their location or identity. The entire communication happens online. Unrealistic returns in a very short amount of time. Unlicensed and unregistered brokers. Based outside the country we reside in.



One of the easiest online jobs is taking survey and earning through it. There are lots of websites providing these types of survey jobs. Some are legitimate while most are scam. There are some websites really paying like Lifepoints, Toluna influencers, Rakuten, swagbucks etc. Scam happens like high threshold points or paying after 8 weeks or popping up a message like “survey is full “in the mid of survey. After spending 30 minutes in filling a survey and we come to know we are not paid. It’s a waste of time and effort.


9.    Multi-level marketing

It works like existing members to promote and sell their offerings to other individuals and bring on new recruits into the business. Distributors are paid a percentage of their recruits’ sales. So distributors will be more interested in finding new recruits rather than selling products. For convincing new recruits to join in their team , they need to hype their product, show bigger profit ( fake) and to give creative discounts to attract them. These type of businesses are based on pyramid model which is illegal in most of the countries because maximum and real profit goes to the individual in top which is obviously fooling others around.


10. Secret shopper


            People hired by stores to pretend they are shopping but really watch for shoplifters. They collect data about services and consumer preferences from the shop to improvise the business. There are scammers who introduce them as Secret Shopper service providers but they don’t. So before entering into this job, we need to analyze the genuinity of the service provider.

To Conclude, We can do all these jobs in a safety way. Beware of scammers and start earning from home without leaking your personal data and without wasting your effort.

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