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When Lying on the bed..

Visitors have accessed this post 298 times.

When Lying on the bed..


One night I was on the bed with a book- “How to become a Billionaire”.

I love to read books before sleeping. 


I woke up the next morning and started to find some ways to earn money. 

Work from home, Make money online, online Jobs.. these were my searches on YouTube.

I searched so many ways and tried them all too. Nothing succeeded. I didn’t give up. I thought I would get a path to earn some extra cash..


Days pass by but I am still on Google and YouTube. My mother always scolds me for using the phone. 


One day I saw a video showing a way to earn money by submitting articles. 

I thought this would be a good option for me and Started to type. I typed several articles and submitted them to many platforms. 


I didn’t have time for any other work. Sometimes my mother also came to me asking why are you always on the phone. 


“ I am typing some articles mom” my reply was short. 


She might be missing some chats and the times spent with me. 


Days pass on, I am still typing and submitting my articles. My mind didn’t want to stop this. I submitted almost 100 articles. 


One morning I got an email telling me that One of my articles was approved and received $1000. It was a great pleasure for me. 


I jumped from the bed to tell this to mom. 

“Mom, mom where are you?”

“Why darling?”

“Mom I received 1000$ for my article”


She was speechless. A tear fell from her right eye and she hugged me tightly. You are so talented my girl. You can do more. Her words made me feel so proud. 


50 out of 100 articles were approved and continuously I received money from my paypal. I didn’t give up writing. 


I became a magazine writer and started to earn more. I bought a new house and a car.  I wanted to take my mom for a drive. I took her around the city and she was so happy. It was a pleasure to see her happy. I was looking at her smile, suddenly a Truck came across and I shouted mom, mom, mom..


I could hear someone talking to me. But Could not open my eyes. I heard that voice again. It was my mom’s voice. Thank god, nothing has happened to her. She was talking to me. 


“Daughter, Daughter, what happened to you? Open your eyes.”

When I opened my eyes, she was next to me. She asked me “what happened?” 


I can’t imagine what happened to me. I looked at the clock, it’s 4 a.m. My story book is still on the bed. Then only I realized that It was a dream. I haven’t finished reading the book. I slept while reading the book. Oh my Goodness, It was a nice dream. 


I told my mom about my dream. After she was listening she asked me to write some articles and stories. This dream might come true.


I started my work that morning. Hope my dream will come true.


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