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A couple had no Children for 10 years. They were so upset about this. They did lots of treatments and finally gave up on everything. They thought that God had planned this life for them. 


A miracle happened in their life. She got pregnant in her 30’s. They were so happy about that and the husband took care of his wife very carefully. The love between them increased a lot during this period. 

She delivered the baby and it was a boy. A cute boy has come to light up  their life. They loved him a lot and gave everything he asked for. Little boy’s name was Joy. Parents gave him a life full of happiness. Joy didn’t cry for anything because he always got what he wanted before he asked for it. Joy loved his parents a lot. He studied hard and became an engineer. He went abroad to continue his higher studies and to do a good job. 


Joy married there with the permission of his parents and lived a happy life. Time passed by and Parents became old. They wanted to stay with him during the last stage of their lives. 


They asked him to come whenever he called them. He was busy with his work and he asked for some time to come. Parents were unhappy about this. 

One morning son gets a call from his mother. 


“Son, Dad passed away. Can you come back?”


Son was shocked to hear that. He could not speak a word. Again he heard the voice of his mother.


“Son, son” 


“Yes, Mom we will come”


Son started to get ready to go back with his family to the funeral. He was so upset and he reminds the words of his dad. Dad asked him to come home but he didn’t. He wished if this a dream. 


“God, please give me a second chance to live with my parents, I didn’t do anything for them but they did a lot for me and my happiness.” 


Son landed in his motherland and rushed home.


His moth came to the door. Now only he felt that she is too old now. He ran to her. 


“Sorry mom, forgive me for what I did. I didn’t expect this will happen. I was planning to come but shit I would have come giving up all my works. Money can’t buy anything, especially My loving Dad.. I miss him a lot mom.”


Then mother started to speak. 


“ you don’t want to say sorry my dear. I must say sorry for doing something wrong. Nothing happened to dad. He is totally fine. I lied to you because you won’t have time to come till this happens. Forgive me for lying. But we both badly wanted you my dear. “


Son didn’t feel any anger towards his Mom. He felt so sad about her. 

“ Where is Dad?” 


Dad also came to the door. Son hugged both of them and asked to forgive him. 

He settled in his country with his parents and wife. They lived a happy life. 

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