.Com vs .Org War: WordPress.com or WordPress.org to choose

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.Com vs . Org War: WordPress.com or WordPress.org to choose 

Com vs. Org-Is there a difference? Since the dawn of the Internet, many have been confused about navigating WordPress.com and WordPress.org. The confusion is easy to understand because they both share the same name.
WordPress is the leading CMS, and more than 30% of the world’s websites use WordPress to build their online presence. But which is better? Are they the same? The names sound the same, but there are many differences between the two.
It’s these differences that make or break the future of your business and your website. Explain why WordPress.com and WordPress.org are different from each other to help you find the right solution.  
Let’s start with the basics.

Com vs. Org-What’s the difference?  


Many people think WordPress.com and WordPress.org are the same, but they aren’t exactly the same.
Both platforms are popular with website owners, but WordPress.com and WordPress.org have a lot of pros and cons. Below, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of both and help you make the best decisions for your situation. 

WordPress. org

WordPress.org-Also known as the self-hosted version, it’s the actual software. Anyone can download the software and customize it to their liking. However, you will need to purchase hosting and domain names.  


WordPress.com is a specific website that offers everything and uses the WordPress.org software. The backend handles everything, but it’s less flexible. 


WordPress has a lot of charm. First of all, it’s very easy to set up and you can get your site up and running in less than 15 minutes. Another bonus is that you can use WordPress for free. This is especially good for beginners.

Differences between WordPress.Com and WordPress.Org

The most important assumption is that there are many differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. The truth is that they are more similar than you think. However, it is very important to know the important difference between the two in order to make a better decision. 
WordPress.com only offers subdomains, but you can get the full domain on WordPress.org
There are no restrictions on what you can do with WordPress.org, but there are restrictions when using WordPress.com.
WordPress.com owns the content you write, but everything on WordPress.org is yours
People find you more professional when using WordPress.org than when using WordPress.com.
WordPress.com offers premium subscriptions. Users can add options with an annual fee, which can be confusing for some users. 

What exactly is WordPress hosting?

WordPress Hosting provides services optimized to meet the security needs and performance of hosting your site. Some features include a one-click setup, and some hosts provide automatic updates as needed.
There are two favorite ways to get WordPress hosting. Visit wordpress.com where the host does everything, or use the self-hosted wordpress.org. 

Do you need hosting?

Yes and no. If you are using WordPress.org, you need to find the host. Both shared and managed hosts offer options that make setup easier, but any hosting service will work as long as you have downloaded the software.  
If you are using WordPress.com, your site is already hosted via Automattic. No new hosting is required.

Shared hosting and managed to host

As the saying goes, time is money and many of us suffer from both. When you are new, experts recommend that you find a low-cost shared web host for your WordPress website.
If you have a lot of traffic, you should use a managed host that can automate everything. The advice is good, but when you’re looking for the right host, there’s more to it than just paying for it.  
Before setting up your website, there are several factors involved in choosing between a shared host and an administrative host. This is explained in detail below. 

Shared hosting

Shared hosting has most of the benefits of having a management site. Several other websites share the same server, but the site will continue to be optimized for WordPress. Some hosts also offer pre-installed WordPress and automatic update options. 

Managed hosting

If you want to compare shared hosting with Ford, the managed host is Rolls-Royce when it comes to hosting websites. They provide the same functionality as you would get with shared hosting, but you can get more bells and whistles such as:   

Faster website

Managed hosts offer better specs. That means everything about your WordPress site runs faster and smoother. 

Automatic caching

For caching, you need to install the plugin to complete the work and then do it manually. However, if you use managed hosting, the web host includes this feature in the package, which makes everything faster. 

Excellent security features

Security is a required feature of a web host. You don’t want your website to be compromised by intruders or malicious software, so you need something to provide this important tool.  

Test before your site goes live

Some managed hosting providers offer site owners the opportunity to test the changes they make to their site before it is published. 


WordPress.com vs.org questions always come up, especially if you’re new to blogging and website creation. Whether you own a WordPress.com site or a WordPress.org site depends on your specific needs. Just because they have similar names does not mean they are the same service.
Each platform has many strengths and weaknesses, and both have their advantages if you are trying to build a brand. If you want to know more about blogging and web recognition, check out Plig. These will help you find the right solution for all your content management system needs.

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