“Warm life” I heard from yogis Milk tea with Indian spices

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“Warm life” I heard from yogis Milk tea with Indian spices

At this time of cold weather, especially for women, “coldness” is a concern. When the body gets cold, blood flow gets worse and it is easy to get sick. So, this time, I asked yogis about “warming” that warms the body.

“ Warm life ” Masala Chai I would like to recommend

Masala Chai is a milk tea with Indian spices. It warms your body from the inside, so it’s perfect for the coming season. If you have tea, milk, and spices, you can easily “warm”.


Incorporate spices well and spend comfortably from autumn to winter. The following 5 types are my favorites.

Relax & boost immunity

Dry ginger

Relax your parasympathetic nerves. It has the effect of raising body temperature, and as a result, it can be expected to increase immunity. Even in Chinese medicine, if you have poor circulation, you may prescribe dried ginger (dried ginger).

Improves blood flow & antioxidants ◎


Contains polyphenols that improve blood flow and have high antioxidant activity.

* Avoid pregnant women.

Makes it difficult to store fat

Black pepper

Piperine promotes blood flow and can efficiently take in food nutrients. Suppresses the storage of fat in the body.

Helps digestion


Promotes saliva and gastric juice secretion and aids digestion. Controls cough and sputum and removes gas in the intestines.

* Avoid pregnant women.

Approaching arteriosclerosis

A component called clove eugenol can be expected to have an antioxidant effect. Approach arteriosclerosis.

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