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How to reduce over body heat

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Overheating is a common complaint.

Common reasons for this
Tight clothing
* Fever
Overactive thyroid gland
Hard work
Medical reasons
* Some medicines
Nervous disorders
Too hot
Some methods to reduce body heat
Drink fresh water.
Avoid spicy and alkaline foods.
Avoid fried and fatty foods.
* Salt should be taken less.
Banana, cucumber, and sugarcane juice are all beneficial.
* Can be cooked in olive oil.
A vegetable diet is best.
Take a basin of water and soak your feet in it for a while.
You can soak fenugreek seeds and take one teaspoon daily.
Sandalwood and paneer can be mixed and applied to the body.
Mix a teaspoon of butter with milk and drink it.
Eating fruits can reduce body heat.
Cardamom tea with milk is best.
Buttermilk relieves heat well.
* Watermelon fruit, with its 92 percent water and vitamin C content, can reduce body heat well.
Kirni fruit is something to be eaten during the hot season.
Eat cucumbers often, daily, or juice them by combing the skin.
Sipping mint juice mixed with buttermilk immediately relieves heat.
Radish relieves heat. Gives resistance. Rich in vitamin C. Swelling does not reduce.
Eating sesame seeds and rubbing ghee on the body will keep the body cool.
Anise-soaked water is beneficial for the body and intestines.
* Mix honey in cold milk and drink it in the morning on an empty stomach to relieve heat.
* Soak a little bit of almond paste in water at night and drink it with milk in the morning to relieve heat.
* Keep the soaked cotton cloth around the body for 15–20 minutes to reduce the heat in the body.
Drinking plain water will cool the body.
Soaking basil seeds in water and drinking it will reduce body heat.
Tanya, cumin, and aniseed are powdered, boiled in water, and filtered to reduce the heat.
Rub coconut oil on the body and take a bath to relieve heat.
Consume fat-free yoghurt daily.
Keeping the mind calm and doing yoga can reduce body heat.
Drink one tumbler of Nelly juice daily.
Drink a glass of lemon juice daily.
Apple helps reduce body heat.

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